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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Charles Darwin had it all wrong.

There are quite a few chinks in the English Naturalist’s theory of evolution and the infamous term “Survival of The Fittest.” Turns out the mechanism of inheritance and variation were not known until 50 years after the theory was published.

Perhaps it’s not the fittest that survives but rather the species that ADAPTS to their environment the best. Natural selection may be decided on this premise.

Who knows? We’ll let the Evolutionary Biologists hash that one out.

In our case, this provides us with…

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Surely you remember playing “Snake” on your mother’s Nokia 3310? I had christened the phone “33-Brick” due to its robust nature. You could bounce that phone off the sidewalk and its exterior wouldn't even flinch. And talk about a battery life that was monstrous — 22 hours of talk time with a single charge?


The nostalgia continues with the Sony Ericsson W810i. I have fond memories of my schoolmates and I congregating at the back of the bus to sample the latest Giggs’ album, Walk In The Park.

Like sardines, we would cluster tightly and spend hours trying to…

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As a data scientist, you’d think I jump out of bed every day eager to process data or write intricate technical content about Algorithms, Machine Learning or Data Migration.

The cliche;

Five Steps to Building a Linear Regression Model

Nonetheless, there are some extremely insightful pieces on the Towards Data Science publication backed by phenomenal writers, which I often reference when tackling my data projects.

But for the life of me, I do not find technical writing particularly glamourous.

I’d rather get tangled in a piece about Social Justice, geared towards dismantling society’s larger perception on the topic of race…

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Robots are taking over the world.

Relax there, Terminator.

In the past decade, Data has become more ubiquitous than at any other period in human history. There is an abundance of data on what foods you like to eat, how far you typically walk, and your favorite Netflix drama — even how many times you click on an ex’s profile.

Even more terrifyingly, there is an underground battle between companies for access to this data. Their end-game is to generate more revenue by concentrating ads tailored to your preference.

Have a conversation with your friend about buying swim trunks from…

Do you ever find yourself staring at an old picture and the first thought that comes to mind is, ‘What was up with my hair?’

I had come across an old snapshot of myself, dating back more than a decade. I was maybe 12 or 13. While I do have a proclivity for changing hairstyles, my fascination with the notion of time offers a far more compelling subject for discussion here.

Time is the common denominator of our existence. It carries immense weight as a measuring stick for how we should lead our lives.

In the short story “A Sound…

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So you want to learn Tableau?!

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be like those pamphlets you pick up at your local chemist. At least, I hope not.

As with most superhero’s origin story, mine began on Udemy with Kirill Eremenko and the SuperDataScience team. Joke aside, I never imagined a $10 course would catapult me through this seemingly limitless doorway of data visualization.

When learning Tableau, learn the basics.

Delving into anything new, you must understand your foundations. …

My Interview with Tableau

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At Tableau, we feel that data skills are essential for the next generation of professionals and business leaders. The Tableau Academic Programs seek to arm students and instructors with the valuable analytical skills needed to think strategically and make an impact.

Data is such an important piece of the social justice puzzle, and using critical data skills can drive insights into real actionable change.

In our new series, Data and Education for Social Justice, we’re excited to spotlight people in the education community that is making a difference in the social justice world.

These spotlights will…

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Good luck to the brave souls attempting to wear the cloak of “educator” to the next generation of millennials.

In this modern era, tuning into BBC Three to watch Kris Murrin (host) offer tidbits on effective child-rearing practices for your unruly adolescent seems rather hollow — TLC for my American readers.

Millennials are a different breed. Some have gone as far as to describe them as the new “Lost Generation” due to the economic cataclysm they’ve been born into.

Riddled with insatiable college debts, inability to accumulate wealth, crummy wages, and a steady-climbing cost-of-living, they can forget about attaining the…

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Fear. A natural, powerful, and primitive emotion that compels every living being on this planet. We’ve all felt prisoner to its unmistakable clench.

It is the anxiety that swarms over you as you hit “Send” on a risky text. Fear resides in anticipation of the Doctor’s call with your biopsy results. It is procrastinating on your dissertation as this is the culmination of a four-year struggle.

Fear is the timidity that paralyzes you into shying away from the ultimate expression of your true self.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

— Jack Canfield

Not solely dependent…

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You are not in control of your life. You only think you are!

Do you feel attacked?

Would you rather me spew out words of benevolence, telling you that everything is going to be okay? Better yet, you are in control. You don’t have to waste another minute reading this piece. Click off at any time.

Let a lie be your umbrella.

Sitting in Mr. McManus’ Philosophy class, all those years ago, prompted me into the perplexing debate of determinism and free will.

Do we have the freedom to choose our actions? Or is our idea of free will merely…

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