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The Spotlight: Olushola Olojo

Our first spotlight is Data Consultant, Olushola Olojo, hailing from Lagos, Nigeria.

Olushola Olojo, Lead Insights Analyst at Samsung UK

The Interview

JL: Should data be discussed in terms of Social Justice? If so, why?

OO: A resounding YES!

JL: How do you see Academia supporting these efforts?

OO: This is a tricky question because the growth of the internet has impacted people’s perception of traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. Even more apparent in a field like Data Science, where a four-year degree is often not required to break into the industry.

JL: What can instructors do?

OO: Curve the heck out of exams.

JL: What can students do?

OO: Be a student.

“In my kingdom, you need to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place.”

— Red Queen

The Red Queen was spot on. This statement is a very fitting description of what the journey into the world of data encompasses.

“Don’t ask for advice, ask for feedback.”

JL: Data and Social Justice — Where should people get started?

OO: Certainly explore these Tableau community-led projects that are listed below. Real-world datasets are shared weekly for public use by renowned Tableau users in the #DataFam circle.

Notable Initiatives

  1. Makeover Monday
  2. Diversity in Data
  3. Project Health Viz

JL: And lastly, what is a personal motto that you live by?

OO: I actually live by two that resonate with me on multiple fronts.

“Journey happily as opposed to arriving successfully”


“Broken crayons still color”.

Connect with Shola

If you would like to learn more about Shola and the work he does, connect with him on his social platforms.

Jessica Lyon, Program Manager

Jessica Lyon

Senior Program Manager Tableau for Teaching



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Olushola Olojo

Olushola Olojo

Combatting Poverty & Bridging Inequality